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 Paul Heiniger

People are the focus - we connect people!

It is my job as a creative generalist to see the whole picture!


My focus is on the professional advising of executives with regard to the formation of a corporate brand, the establishment of sales structures and training for sales Manager.

Motto: "Identification with the company brand is essential for a successful company Marketing strategy"

05/1996 - today Paul Heiniger
Experience - (Area within DACH)
• International sales management strategy development
• CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Integration
• Coaching - Market-oriented company management and sales strategy
• Business Consulting for Executives
• Interim Management - immediate support (wherever needed)
• Senior Consultant and Contractor U.S. Companies (Europe)
• Senior Consultant and Contractor of the US Government (Europe)
• Business development, such as social media management, communication strategy, the evaluation of marketing opportunities and sales markets, business analysis of customers and competitors, the initiation of future business and follow-up transactions, the drafting of business plans and the design of concrete business models
• Leadership of project teams and coordination of subcontractors
• Very good German and English as well as MS Office knowledge

Paul Heiniger International

Steigweg 24
97318 Kitzingen (close to Würzburg)

Tel. 09321-2680840 - English

Europe + 49-9321-2680840


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